The HoFCS Team

Hall of Fame City Solutions is a collaboration of individuals that support open-source movement development as well as educating Individuals and businesses in simple ways they may be overlooking their current technology.  We strive for providing products and services that deal with the following areas;

Development of products using Arduino***, Raspberry Pi***, and customized electrical circuits, as well as, archiving and constant editing of the Raspian*** OS images that we use in our products and the things we create.

*** HoFCS is in no way affiliated with these entities, directly or indirectly.

Our most famous product currently is the Infinity player.  We are going to be offering a 15 day risk free trial to all video artist that contact us within the United States. Pay only the cost of shipping the unit back if you are not satisfied with our product or our Customer Service.

The Infinity player uses advanced technology to deliver high quality, seamlessly looping video. Our plug-and-play palm-size unit is the perfect replacement for larger and more costly computers or unreliable and bulky DVD players.

The Infinity player seamlessly loops video formats of .h264 type without any issues, once you have the binary stream created for your video.  It is a “plug and play”, simple to use, miniature device.  The Infinity Player is ideal for art fixtures, kiosks, commercial advertising, video walls and billboards.  This is a great player for all your seamless video needs that has Value, Customer Service and Custom Configuration  at the center of its core.



The General in His Labyrinth slight ¾ in frameKasumi: The General in his Labyrinth